Question 1: Have you voted to approve an accessible path on the Greenbelt?

Answer 1: No.


Question 2Are you considering paving the Greenbelt?

Answer 2: No.


Question 3Are you considering removing all the woodchips on the Greenbelt?

Answer 3: No.


Question 4: Are you considering removing the landscaping on the Greenbelt?

Answer 4: No.


Question 5: Are you considering improving access for seniors and those with disabilities?

Answer 5: Yes.


Question 6: Do you favor public hearings before any action is taken concerning accessibility on the Greenbelt?

Answer 6: Yes.


Question 7: Do you favor robust community discussions before any changes are made to the greenbelt?

Answer 7: Yes.


Question 8: Why are we discussing this issue?

Answer 8: The Greenbelt, created by the voters in 1988, is designated as a public park. Listening to suggestions from residents, on accessibility on the Greenbelt or any issue, is what I believe we are elected to do. Our responsibility as your City Council is to examine the possibilities for improvement, and consider full community input, before defending the status quo.


Question 9: When did this issue come before the City Council?

Answer 9: During the June 15, 2017 budget adoption meeting, the City Council allocated $28,000 to study the feasibility of improving accessibility on the Greenbelt.  


Question 10: When will it be discussed again?

Answer 10: When the feasibility study is complete, the matter will be placed on a future City Council agenda, in January or February 2018, for City Council discussion, public input, and policy direction.